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Radically reduce the time, cost and risk of Primavera integration

Managing large scale strategic assets and projects is massively complicated, expensive and risky. Effective planning and scheduling of your plant STO's (shutdowns, turnarounds and outages), services, and capital projects activities has a direct multi-million dollar impact on the bottom line of your company each year. This effort requires coordination of diverse functional groups and business processes involving engineering, planning, scheduling, safety, trades, supervisors, training, and management to name a few.

Your Challenge
Planning and scheduling of maintenance and project work is critical to the success of your operation. However, there is no single software application in the market capable of supporting all of the specialized requirements in your organization so you must employ a collection of applications.  

For example, you might procure materials and manage costs in SAP, use IBM® Maximo or SAP PM for asset maintenance planning, then utilize Oracle® Primavera or Microsoft® Project for scheduling and resource optimization. Most likely, your organization will use a host of other third party or custom applications to support specialty functions like work permits, tag-outs, time collection, compliance and KPI reporting. Even desktop tools such as MS Excel and email play an important part in the business process.

Your Risk
While each of the applications in your enterprise portfolio is excellent at it respective task, most applications do not inherently communicate with each other. Even most single vendor solutions are not well integrated. Without effective integration you will experience disjointed business processes across functional groups. Costs go up, productivity goes down, work schedules slip and resources are squandered as work management, project and supervisory teams struggle with dysfunctional, cumbersome, error-prone business processes caused by lack of effective integration.

The Trap
After tolerating enough pain and productivity losses organizations inevitably take steps toward integration of these systems. Organizations make the critical error of viewing planning and scheduling as "just another integration". They use internal IT staff or service providers in combination with generic EAI tools to address the problem. Only after months or years of struggling, frequently millions of dollars in costs, and dissatisfied users do organizations realize that this seemingly simple task is not so simple. In fact it is highly complex. More often than not, these custom integration projects not only fail to adequately support the business users, they do not scale, suffer from performance problems, and turn into a never ending pit of expenses that is unreliable and difficult to support.

Your Solution
Maxavera® provides a highly specialized intelligent integration solution focused on the uniquely complex area of integrating planning, scheduling and work management systems and business processes. Maxavera includes prepackaged maintenance and project scenarios for best-of-breed environments such as SAP, IBM Maximo, Primavera and Microsoft Project. This focused, packaged approach reduces the time and cost by 80%-90% or more while virtually eliminating the risks associated with integration using traditional middleware technologies and methods.

Using Maxavera®, the vast majority of your integration requirements will be resolved the same day the software is installed.  There is no guesswork or trial-and-error. Your organization gets to leverage a packaged solution that contains the knowledge and experiences gained from delivering similar solutions to hundreds of diverse customer sites around the world and millions of dollars in research and development specifically focused on this problem domain.

Contact us to learn why, when it comes to integrated maintenance management and project controls, Maxavera® is in a class of its own.