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EPC Contractors

Whether bidding on a large capital project or in the midst of delivering a multi-year contract, the ability to effectively manage resources, project plans and schedules is critical. World-class EPC firms have world-class business processes.

Operational and process excellence is not only about contract profitability, but more and more is a key differentiator in building confidence with owners and winning contracts against competitors. One failed project can eliminate an entire year's profit and tarnish your reputation irreparably. The ability to keep projects on track, avoid late starts and unbalanced backlogs, and manage resources and materials is a central driver of your business model.

Coordinating and executing the delivery of large maintenance and capital projects within compressed timelines means managers have less time to analyze and react to changing priorities. In a typical EPC enterprise multiple enterprise systems are involved in the delivery of contracts, including ERP, EAM, CMMS and Project Management tools to name a few. The significance of integrating these disparate systems to provide timely, comprehensive, and accurate information throughout the contract life cycle is critical.

From initial bid cycles, to contract delivery, Maxavera® provides a variety of solutions that enable EPC firms to streamline and integrate their most critical planning, scheduling and work management systems and business processes. Our solutions for EPC firms include:

  • Integrated Capital Project Management
  • Integrated Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
  • Integrated Shutdown/Turnaround Management
  • Contractor Supply Chain Integration

Contact us to learn more about how Pipeline Software’s Maxavera solution can help your EPC firm become more competitive and more profitable.