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MS Project↔SAP PM integrated planning and scheduling

This Maxavera® iPack provides plug-and-play integration between SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) and Microsoft Project (MS Project). It intelligently transfers work orders, operations, resources, work clearances, materials, costs, work centers, equipment/FLOC details and other SAP information to MS Project where work can be scheduled and resources optimized.

After scheduling is completed, Maxavera® automatically sends relevant schedule updates, logic and resource assignment updates back to SAP, keeping the two systems in sync.

Optimized maintenance operations
Organizations leverage Maxavera® to streamline and optimize planning and scheduling for plant shutdowns, turnarounds, outages, on-line daily maintenance and capital projects. Benefits include reduced schedule backlog, improved visibility, increased wrench time, improved "what-if" planning capability, elimination of manual data entry and increased data accuracy.

Plug-and-Play solution
Maxavera® delivers 90%+ of your SAP to MS Project integration requirements the same day it is installed. It includes hundreds of predefined best-practice field mappings, rules, transformation logic and run-time options that have been refined through years of delivering real-world solutions to companies like yours all around the world.

High performance
When it comes to plant shutdowns, turnarounds, outages, or fast moving daily maintenance activities - high performance is critical. Maxavera® is specifically optimized for integrated planning & scheduling scenarios. It delivers the highest performance in the industry, often 500%+ faster than the next best solution.

Easy to use and manage
Maxavera® is completely web based. Whether you are an administrator or standard user you can access the application from anywhere using only a web browser. Users can perform quick ad-hoc synchronizations between SAP and MS Project, schedule jobs to run in the future, administer the system or configure integration scenarios using their web browser.

Open standards, not technology lock-in
Maxavera® does not lock you into any complex, expensive, proprietary platforms such as SAP XI/PI. Maxavera® is open standards based and portable to any J2EE compliant enterprise infrastructure platforms including JBOSS, Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere. You are free to choose the platform that is right for your enterprise - and protected if you change your mind in the future.

Version freedom
Maxavera® utilizes a loose coupling architecture. This makes Maxavera® independent from either side of the integration equation (SAP and MS Project) which eliminates the risk of version incompatibilities. With Maxavera® you are never forced to upgrade your applications, and when you do upgrade, you will not “break” your integration solution. Feel free to mix and match SAP and MS Project versions based on your business needs.

SAP certified integration
All Pipeline integration solutions leverage the Pipeline Transporter Connector Studio™ (TCS) product when it comes to moving data in and out of SAP. TCS is a SAP Certified Integration. First certified by SAP in 1998, TCS has processed billions of transactions. It is among the most proven integration technologies in the industry and ensures future compatibility with SAP releases.