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Maximo↔Primavera integrated planning & scheduling

This Maxavera® iPack provides plug-and-play integration between Maximo and Primavera. It intelligently transfers work orders, tasks, labor, crafts, PMs, equipment details and other Maximo information to Primavera where work can scheduled and resources optimized. After scheduling is completed, Maxavera® automatically sends relevant schedule updates, logic and resource assignment updates back to Maximo.

Maximo users stay in Maximo, Primavera users stay in Primavera, and Maxavera® ensures that the two systems interoperate seamlessly.

Optimize Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages
Organizations leverage Maxavera® to streamline and optimize planning and scheduling for plant shutdowns, turnarounds, outages, on-line daily maintenance and capital projects. Benefits include reduced schedule backlog, improved visibility, increased wrench time, improved "what-if" planning capability, elimination of manual data entry and increased data accuracy.

Plug-and-Play Solution
Maxavera® delivers 90%+ of your Maximo-Primavera integration requirements straight out of the box the day it is installed. It includes predefined best-practice field mappings, rules and transformation logic refined through years of delivering real-world solutions to companies like yours.

Configuration Flexibility
Most every customer has some level of requirements that are unique to their business such as custom fields, special mapping logic and processing rules. This is where Maxavera® shines even brighter! By far the most flexible and highly configurable solution in the industry, Maxavera® can be quickly tailored to meet your exact needs. From oil refineries to offshore platforms, nuclear power plants and defense contractor programs, Maxavera® has never met a business process it could not accommodate.

Reduce Time, Cost and Risk
Maxavera® is a proven solution in production around the world. It eliminates the unnecessary time, costs and risk of integration. It provides an exceptionally robust, high performance and supportable business solution at a fraction of the cost to implement and support.

Extensive Version Support
Maxavera® supports and extensive list of Maximo and Primavera versions, including Maximo 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and Primavera 4.x, 5.x, P6, P6.1, P6.2, P6 v7 and P6 v8.