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Maximo↔Primavera integrated PM forecasting

This Maxavera® iPack integrates Maximo’s Preventative Maintenance (PM) planning module with Primavera. Maxavera® automatically loads Maximo PM job plans, labor, and materials into either existing or new Primavera projects.

This solution provides planners and schedulers with a view of the true impact of future PM work and resource requirements side-by-side with other planned maintenance work activities and projects.  The improved visibility enables more effective budgeting, resource management and maintenance schedule optimization.

Dynamic Activity Generation
Activities can be generated in Primavera from Maximo PMs without first creating work orders in Maximo. Resource requirements and budgets for upcoming maintenance can be planned in Primavera and then later transferred to Maximo. Maxavera® has many selection criteria and options in Forecaster to let you bring across only the PMs you want. Maxavera® adds logic in Primavera so you can plan the activities and see the distribution of resource allocation. This Maxavera® iPack plug-in combines the power of IBM Maximo’s Preventative Maintenance module with Oracle Primavera’s best-in-class scheduling capabilities to create a robust solution for long-range PM resource demand forecasting.

Consolidation of PMs
Maxavera® has the ability to consolidate multiple PMs based on interval threshold to reduce number of activities in Primavera. These are consolidated to a “consolidation” activity as resource assignments with planned start date. The dates on the assignment help to distribute the work over the schedule based on the frequency of the PM. The reduction in number of activities via consolidation increases productivity in Primavera when loading and scheduling the project.

Maintain Activity Hierarchy
Maxavera® PM Forecasters’ level of effort activities are created for the PM and logic is then added to the activities from the job plan(s). This maintains the consistency of data contained in multiple applications and databases.

Maintain Maximo Business Rules
This solution utilizes Maximo calculation functionality so all business rules for the PMs are maintained. Users can track, plan, and control regulatory compliance activities, details, and document safety. Users control permit sign-offs, identify and perform established regulatory business features with a complete and clear audit trail.

Fast, Reliable Processing
Maxavera® is specifically optimized to manage complex planning and scheduling integration scenarios and delivers the highest performance in the industry. Its industry-proven, 6th-generation, processing engine and robust error handling features ensure the highest reliability while providing convenient methods of resolving integration errors if they occur.

Platform agnostic
Maxavera® is a fully compliant Java Enterprise J2EE application. It can be deployed on all leading operating systems and J2EE compliant enterprise infrastructure platforms including Oracle, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere 7, or Apache Tomcat. This Maxavera® iPack currently supports the following products and versions: IBM Maximo 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x; Primavera P3e, 5.0, 6.0 6.1, 6.2, and P6 v7 and v8.