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Maxavera's plug-and-play architecture delivers rapid, robust, consistent integration solutions

Maxavera® is a Java J2EE solution that can be deployed on any J2EE enterprise infrastructures including IBM WebSphere, Oracle BEA WebLogic, Red Hat JBOSS or Apache Tomcat. Maxavera® is a web-based application that can be accessed using any web browser. No other client-side software is required.

Maxavera's unique pluggable architecture delivers plug-and-play integration solutions for even the most complex scenarios. Maxavera® iPacks (integration packages) contain all of the business logic, field mappings, transformation and processing rules required to deliver an out-of-the-box solution for various best-of-breed scenarios such as Maximo-Primavera integration or SAP-Primavera integration.

Using Maxavera®, you are able to simply choose the Maxavera® iPack(s) most appropriate for your business process requirements, install, and within minutes the selected integration scenarios are active and available. This unique design approach dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk of delivering integration solution while increasing quality and lowering maintenance costs.

Explore Maxavera® iPacks to see if we have a solution that fits your needs.